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Consider the Bear

Consider the Bear


"Singer Ian Williams is the proprietor of a haunting Yorkeian falsetto. Like the Radiohead frontman, his voice climbs up and down scales searchingly, looking for quarter from turbulent sea of emotion. On Constellations a violin, acoustic guitar and rolling percussion (delivered by Katie Mosehauer, Williams, and Jon Horwath respectively) create a moody sort of romanticism for Williams to meader through vocally. It’s the same poetic, whimsical and salty storytelling found in Decemberists and Neutral Milk Hotel. The sea is made of tears that fall from galaxies, Williams sings, high and lonely. Moving from water to air, the melancholic Northern Lights, slowly builds an unlikely symphony of electric guitar distortion, a creeping violin, plucked strings and drums. Maybe the instruments are strange shipmates, but quirkiness of it all buoys the music and makes it irresistibly charming."



"The Thoughts' unusual violin/guitar/drums lineup does them well on Consider the Bear and bears strong resemblance to Andrew Bird, especially with the tender lyrics and warbly vocals. The Thoughts could also be compared to a pared-down, less lush Iron & Wine, or Sea Wolf."

—WLUR FM Music


Eight songs:


1. Fist

2. Constellations

3. Equation

4. Blue on Gray

5. 1235

6. Requisition

7. Bells & Gunfire

8. Northern Lights

SKU: CD001
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