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I Won't Keep You Here

I Won't Keep You Here


"Pretty much every song on The Thoughts’ second album I Won’t Keep You Here could be the theme song to a romance movie where two lovers are trying to overcome this epic hurdle so their worlds can get back to turning again. The anguish-laden track “Spinning/Falling” is heartbreaking: “the air looks so harmless, just us and the ocean, before the salt water fills our lungs…” Mosehauer has this way of telling her own version of Williams’ vocal story with her vibrant violin and harp melodies. It’s almost like the strings might actually take over for the vocals at any second. It’s a very cool way to listen to this genre of music."

—The Owl Magazine


"I Won’t Keep You Here is beautiful from beginning to end."



Eleven songs: 


1. Orange Sky

2. Stages of Sleep

3. You're Not Happy Here

4. Form and Color

5. Winterkill

6. Spinning/Falling

7. Cutting Skin

8. I Wanted To

9. I Won't Keep You Here

10. Blood and Bones

11. The Cage


This CD also includes three music videos. Cover art was created by painter John Rizzotto and is a response to his experience listening to the album before its release.

SKU: CD002
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