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Starling Screen Print, 12" x 17.5"

Starling Screen Print, 12" x 17.5"


While starlings have not made an appearance in Glass Heart String Choir lyrics to date, they’ve nevertheless become our unofficial mascot over the last few years. It’s easy to love them for their iridescent colors alone, but what really took us in was their movements in murmurations—hundreds, thousands even, of individuals moving as one to create something momentary and fleeting together. 


We chose to include our own paper starling murmuration in our music video for Wildfires, using this animal representation as a stand in for the animalistic way fire sways and dances. For the video hundreds of birds from these prints were cut out and suspended around us as we stood in the center of their flight. These prints are overruns from the video shoot, but they have their own kind of magic as 12 inch wide and 17.5 inch high full print. Each bird was hand drawn and are printed with semi-metallic cold ink on black paper.

SKU: SP001
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