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Starling Screen Print, 9" x 7"

Starling Screen Print, 9" x 7"


While starlings have not made an appearance in Glass Heart String Choir lyrics to date, they’ve nevertheless become our unofficial mascot over the last few years. It’s easy to love them for their iridescent colors alone, but what really took us in was their movements in murmurations—hundreds, thousands even, of individuals moving as one to create something momentary and fleeting together. It is a parallel metaphor to the experience of performing music with an audience—innumerable people becoming one entity for the length of a song before each becoming ourselves again when it concludes and we part. These individual starling prints are a visual reminder of how each of us as lovers of music are part of the same flock. 


These small birds are hand screen printed on rich, fibrous paper with a deckel edge. To capture the color and luminous complexity of these birds, there are nine individual screen passes printed with eight colors of semi-metallic ink (there are two separate layers of white). Due to hand registration of each color pass, each bird ends up a bit unique. While they all largely resemble the print shown here, there are slight variations in color density and expression that make each bird its own. 


These prints are unbranded and feature a single starling centered on a 9 inches wide and 7 inches high page and were designed and printed by our own Katie Mosehauer. 

SKU: SP002
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