Yellow and Orange Straw Flower Necklace, 17" (OR007)

Yellow and Orange Straw Flower Necklace, 17" (OR007)


The music video for Your Voice began with a single concept: a moss covered dress growing out of the rainforest understory, blurring the lines between the forest floor and the person passing over it. From there, it grew to include other images—fields with creeping branches taking hold, flowers finding life in alien soils, skies bequeathing their colors—all representing the accidental rooting of ourselves to the places and people and selves we encounter throughout our lives. Once the music video was made, Katie could not bring herself to destroy all of the beautiful things grown to make its images, and instead sought to find ways to preserve them and allow their beauty to live on.


This necklace suspends a dried straw flower in epoxy resin into wearable gem. Backed with an antiqued brass finding, this unique piece sits approximately one inch below the clavicle. The flower pendant measures 1.75 inches across and a domed shape that extend 0.6 inches from the backing suspended from a gold-plated figure-eight chain with lobster clasp. This piece features a multi-layered flower with vibrant yellow petals at the center and an ombre transition to orange under petals at the edges. It makes for a dynamic shape that catches the light and presents in unique ways across different light environments.


Each piece is handmade by our producer and instrumentalist, Katie, and since each is made from an individual flower. No two pieces are identical and each has individual character which we tried to capture in these photographs. Please note: ‘organic’ in the title of this collection references that these pieces are made from living sources, but are not guaranteed to be organically raised in that sense of the word.

SKU: OR007